Dysport Botox

Dysport is the newest injectable for relaxing wrinkles and lines in the face and neck.. It works by immobilizing or reducing the action of specific muscles, similar to Botox. Developed in the United Kingdom in the early ’90s, Dysport has been used overseas for many years. Dysport was approved by the Federal Drug Administration in April 2009 for the treatment of head-and-neck muscle spasms and deep lines between the eyebrows.

Dysport Safety

Dysport was tested in over 2,900 patients in over 80 study sites across the country and was approved as a safe and effective product for reducing unwanted muscle activity in the glabellar area. The dosing Units of DYSPORT are not the same as and are not interchangeable with those of Botox. Dosing is determined by a variety of factors such as muscle thickness, patient gender, strength of muscle action and past patient response to neurotoxin injections.