• is long lasting
  • is economical
  • feels natural
  • requires fewer injections
  • is more convenient

If you want an injectable wrinkle filler that provides long lasting wrinkle correction, then ask our doctor about Bellafill. If you have used temporary wrinkle fillers in the past, then you know that they are eventually absorbed by your body and require frequent repeat injections to maintain the results you’ve come to love. Bellafill is different from temporary injectable wrinkle fillers. The unique microspheres in Bellafill are not absorbed by the body and provide the support your skin needs for natural, long lasting results.

Bellafill is the only permanent component filler on the market with FDA approval. With results lasting for years, no other cosmetic filler can claim this type of longevity.


As we age, there are several factors that change the appearance of our face and skin. Gravity, volume loss, sun and environmental damage to our skin all play a role in the aging process and the appearance of fine and deep lines in our face.

Injectable Wrinkle Fillers

There are two categories of injectables that can be used to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles: neurotoxins (toxins) and dermal fillers.

Toxins are used to soften the appearance of wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles which are contracting and forming the wrinkle in an area of the skin. Once movement in this area has decreased or stopped, the appearance of the wrinkles in that area will begin to diminish. Toxins are approved for the treatment of glabellar lines (frown lines between the brows) and results last for several months. Dermal fillers on the other hand do not paralyze the area. Instead, they are injected under the surface of the skin delivering volume which plumps up the skin, smoothing out the wrinkle or fold.

Types of Dermal Fillers

There are several types of materials used in dermal fillers such as collagen with polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), calcium hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid (HA), and poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). All of these fillers will completely degrade over a period of a few months up to two years, and will be resorbed into your body, with the exception of PMMA. PMMA microspheres are not degraded, are not absorbed, and therefore provide a long-lasting wrinkle correction. With all of these filler options on the market, it is important to talk to your doctor to determine what the best choice will be for your needs. 

What to Expect With Bellafill Treatment

The Bellafill treatment is a safe, in-office procedure that takes a few minutes to administer.

 How much Bellafill will I need?

This scale can be used as a guide to estimate the volume of Bellafill you may need to achieve a desired level of wrinkle correction.

Step 1

Come in for a collagen skin test and then make an appointment to return in 4 weeks for treatment.

Step 2

If no reaction to the skin test was observed after four weeks, you may be treated with Bellafill that day. Most people require more than one treatment to reach the level of correction that they want.

Step 3

Return for a follow-up appointment in 4-6 weeks. At this time you and our doctor can decide if you would like to further enhance your results.

Bellafill contains an anesthetic to lessen the discomfort from the procedure. With proper placement, Bellafill cannot be felt after treatment. You will see immediate results in wrinkle correction and can return to your normal daily activities after the procedure.

As with any injectable wrinkle filler, you can expect mild swelling and redness at the treatment site. These side effects common among dermal fillers are usually temporary. Occasionally, there is mild bruising that typically disappears in three to seven days. Less common side effects include rash and itching more than 48 hours after treatment, persistent swelling or redness, and increased sensitivity at some or all injection sites.

Two other rare potential side effects of all dermal fillers may be lumps and granulomas, both of which can be treated by your physician.